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Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery, is a premier spinal surgeon operating in the United States.

He is a spinal and orthopedic surgeon specializing in cervical, thoracic and lumbar procedures, for example, laminectomies and spinal fusions. Dr. Ken believes in whole body wellness, preventative care and that the spine is a principal indicator of general health impacted by “human software and hardware.” Dr. Hansraj enjoys influencing the lifestyle choices of his patients and changing people’s lives for the better as often and as dramatically as possible.

Dr. Ken Hansraj, MD


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Dr. Kenneth Hansraj is an internationally recognized thought leader in spine care. In November of 2014, Dr. Hansraj performed a study on the impact of good posture and pressure to the neck. Dr. Hansraj found that when the head is straight up in good position, it weighs 10 pounds. However, when the angle of the head tilts 60 degrees forward, as it does while texting, the head weighs 60 lbs. Dr. Hansraj’s study was received by a global community and reached more than 5 billion people according to Cision®, a service used to monitor media coverage and impressions. Dr. Hansraj spread the results of his findings, to warn of the potential health hazards associated with holding the head in a downward position for too long, as is often the case with texting. With the extensive use of mobile devices, Dr. Hansraj’s study was one of the most talked about topics in the media.

Dr. Hansraj has authored medical books, has written extensively for medical journals, and lectures at national and global seminars, universities and conferences. He is the author of the international bestselling book, Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine. Dr. Hansraj’s goal with each of his books is to bring years of accumulated expert medical knowledge to the public-at-large in an easy-to-digest format that will benefit countless individuals with ongoing spinal and health issues.


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With 4 out of 5 people suffering at some point in their life, globally, Spinal problems (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica – typically due to spinal stenosis and herniated discs) are one of the most common reasons to visit a physician in every country. The cost of spine care in the United States is approximately 125 billion dollars a year. Globally the cost is $300 – $500 billion per year. Intelligent people from all walks of life demand to know and want to know what makes up the spine, what problems could arise, and what lifestyle, conservative treatment, and surgical options are available.

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