Skiing and Snowboarding Can Produce Or Worsen Back or Neck Pain

How Skiing Causes Back Pain & Neck Pain

  • Everyday people may arrive at the slopes de-conditioned and then start to use core muscles that have not been used in years.
  • The act of travelling may lead families to be tired and disoriented.
  • Skiing and snowboarding typically happens at high elevations leading to dehydration and disorientation.

Proper preparation and planning to protect your spine leads to a great ski trip!!

10 Tips For Preventing Back and Neck Pain On A Ski Trip

  1. Start to do aerobic conditioning exercises 3 months in advance.
  2. Spend time training your core muscles especially with lunges.
  3. Condition your quadriceps with wall sits.
  4. Get to your destination early and sleep properly for a few nights.
  5. Hydrate properly a few days in advance.
  6. Go light on alcohol.
  7. On ski days, strech and warm up, but, stay away from strengthening since you will burn those muscles up on the slope.
  8. Streeeeettttttcccccchh, and maintain good posture!
  9. Vitamins and metabolite drinks will rescue those fatigued muscles.
  10. Long hot shower or hot tubbing after skiing help muscle recuperate.