[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Walking around without the protection of a good layer of muscles leaves one at risk in many areas of life.

ENERGY: Muscle cells have more mitochondria (than fat) which is where energy is made. So using the Kreb’s cycle, then ATP which is the energy currency is made. Muscle cells are strenght factories.
HORMONES: Muscle improves insulin sensitivity which makes it more important in diabetics. For weight management, muscles have a positive influence on Leptin and Ghrelin, controlling hunger.
HEART: Muscle positively influences blood pressure control and heart rate.
AGING: Muscle has a definite and significant role in slowing aging. Muscle helps to protect and strengthen bones about the body. One method of aging is weakening of the core muscles which also leads to balance problems.
SPINE: Stronger core muscles leads to better protection and posture of the spine which by definition is anti-aging. Stronger core muscles also lead to stabilization and helping older people to protect their balance.

BEAUTY: It is hard to be beautiful, and healthy without a good layer of muscles