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Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, “Dr. Ken,” renowned spinal surgeon and author has just achieved Amazon international bestselling status of his book, Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine, the consumer’s guide to achieving optimal spinal health. Dr. Hansraj, who has treated more than 20,000 patients, wrote the book because he knows how pervasive back pain and neck pain are today, and how virtually nobody knows just what to do about it. Four out of five people will suffer back pain and neck pain during the course of their lifetime. According to a report published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly $86 billion was spent on spinal care in 2005 in the U.S. alone. Dr. Ken knows that figure has already increased substantially and will continue to do so. With more than two decades of surgical experience, Dr. Hansraj is on a mission to promote the critical importance of the spine as it relates to overall physical and mental well-being, and outlines a variety of ways to improve or maintain spinal health in his book, including holistic and traditional methodologies.



Hansraj: Keys To An Amazing Life: Secrets Of The Cervical Spine“I wrote this book in order to help people who wish to avoid spinal problems, address spinal issues they are already facing from a holistic standpoint and/or attempt to avoid surgical interventions for chronic spinal issues if at all possible. It is written for both the professional and layman alike, easy enough to be understood by a 16 year-old and resourceful enough to be embraced by physicians.”

The book offers the public at-large insights and techniques for achieving optimal spinal health and thereby overall mental and physical health. It is written for the near 80 percent of people in the U.S. population that will suffer from spinal problems at some point during their lives.

“Spinal issues are one of the most frequently reported reasons for visiting a physician,” explains Dr. Hansraj. He adds, “People are now demanding to know what they can do to prevent costly medical interventions and try to maintain their overall health. A strong, flexible and healthy spine is among the most important components of achieving it. Your spinal health is the core driver to your cognitive, physical and emotional sense of well-being. It affects your work, play and financial lives”