New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine offers Real Spine Surgery® with stem cell usage in spine surgery, bloodless spine surgery, minimally invasive approaches when possible, advanced bone grafting techniques using spinal navigation to assess instrumentation placement, modern operating tables, and nerve monitoring during spine surgery.

What We Do

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery, is a premier spinal surgeon operating in the United States. He is a spinal and orthopedic surgeon specializing in cervical, thoracic and lumbar procedures, for example, laminectomies and spinal fusions.

Dr. Ken believes in whole body wellness, preventative care and that the spine is a principal indicator of general health impacted by “human software and hardware.”

Who We've Helped

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj is a premier spinal surgeon operating in the United States.

Our worldwide range of patients includes world citizens, famous directors, elite athletes, karate masters, world renown architects, celebrated pianists, internationally known actors and producers, global CEOs/CIOs, government leaders, entrepreneurs, nurses, physicians & surgeons, and much more.

Leading An Industry

In November of 2014, Dr. Hansraj performed a study on the impact of good posture and pressure to the neck. Dr. Hansraj found that when the head is straight up in good posture, it weighs 10 pounds. However, when the angle of the head tilts 60 degrees forward, as it does while texting, the head exerts 60 lbs. of force. Dr. Hansraj’s study was received by a global community and reached more than 5 billion people according to Cision®, a service used to monitor media coverage and impressions.

Your Pain. Our Solutions

We Go Beyond Surgery

Cervical • Neck Pain


We specialize in cervical = neck procedures which can relieve spinal cord or root pressure to alleviate corresponding neck and arm pain. Spinal stenosis and herniated discs are common problems showing weakness and numbness. Typically, we may perform ACDF (anterior cervical discectomy & fusion), decompressions and stem cell enhancements with the Harvest BMAC. We take all precautions to perform safe spine surgery.


Thoracic • Mid Back Pain

We specialize in the surgical management of thoracic spine disorders such as spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, spinal tumors, spinal tumors, or infections. These problems may cause pain that radiates around the chest, abdomen or groin. Anterior or posterior spinal surgery may be a treatment. Osteoporosis may present with spinal compression fractures. Bracing and physical therapy may help some cases. Others may require kyphoplasty surgery.

Lumbar • Back Pain / Sciatica

We specialize in the surgical management of lumbar spine disorders (back pain) such as spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, herniated discs, spinal tumors, spinal instability, or infections. We perform re-do or revision surgeries and offer a second surgical opinion. Sciatica is sciatic pain from the sciatic nerve that radiates from the back to the legs. Typically we may perform lumbar disc microsurgery for limited disc herniations. In more complicated cases a decompression may be carried out to open up nerve pathways, and sometimes with a spinal fusion to stabilize segments.

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With 4 out of 5 people suffering at some point in their life, globally, Spinal problems (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica – typically due to spinal stenosis and herniated discs) are one of the most common reasons to visit a physician in every country. The cost of spine care in the United States is approximately 125 billion dollars a year. Globally the cost is $300 – $500 billion per year. Intelligent people from all walks of life demand to know and want to know what makes up the spine, what problems could arise, and what lifestyle, conservative treatment, and surgical options are available.